Home Inspection Tips

When do you need to hire a Calgary home inspector? When is arranging a Calgary home inspection often needed but not always done?

When You Decide to Sell Your Home

Home sellers need to have a Calgary home inspector review their home as soon as they decide they want or need to sell it. Identify problems that have to be fixed before you can sell it so that they are fixed before you put the home up for sale. After all, problems discovered while someone is touring a home could cost you their offer. Arrange a Calgary home inspection as soon as you decide to buy so that your home is in saleable condition.

When You Consider Buying a Home

Most home buyers are aware of the importance of hiring a Calgary home inspector when they are searching for a home. An inspector can identify serious problems such as flood damage or a shifting foundation that could save you from buying a major money sink. Identifying longer term issues such as a furnace with a year of life left in it or other work that will need to be done soon after purchase allows you to negotiate a lower purchase price or arrange the replacement of those items before you close the deal.
Home buyers don’t just hire a home inspector to identify major problems in need of repair and properties with so many problems they should opt out of the sale. They also rely on home inspectors to identify future maintenance needs, such as pointing out HVAC equipment that needs to be replaced in a year or two and items that require regular maintenance.
Do you have to have a home inspection? Home inspections may be optional, but you do not want to skip this step to save money and end up with thousands of dollars in unplanned repairs instead.

After Major Renovations

You should hire a Calgary home inspector after major renovations or remodeling have been completed. The home inspector can insure that local building codes have been met, as well as identify serious problems with the plumbing, electrical work and structural changes made to the home. The last thing you want is to pay for a major renovation, skip the inspection, and end up with serious health problems like mold or radon exposure. Nor do you want to pay for major remodeling only to have to pay someone else much more to repair the shoddy work underlying the pretty veneer.
Hiring a home inspector to review the work immediately after it is complete but before you’ve paid the final payment is a form of quality control. Not only do you have a third party reviewing the work, but the inspector can point out problems like shortcuts that need to be repaired by the contractor to prevent future problems.
If you are having a very large home renovation done, bring in the home inspector at multiple points throughout the process to inspect electrical and plumbing work as it is completed.

Completion of New Construction

Always have new construction inspected subject to a Calgary home inspection. Don’t simply assume that a new home meets all codes and ordinances.

Something’s Wrong But You Don’t Know What

A Calgary home inspection can answer the question, “What is wrong in my house?” If you are suffering from allergies and respiratory problems, inspectors can determine if the home has a pest problem, mold problem or another issue. Home inspectors can determine whether your chronically cold rooms are due to poor ventilation, undersized heating equipment or leaks. Some home inspectors can perform energy audits as part of the inspection or as a separate service.

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